The port of Agadir

The port of Agadir

The port of Agadir


The port of Agadir is one of the largest in Morocco. It is managed by the National Ports Agency (ANP). It has long been the first sardine port in the world and is considered the first exporting port of sardines in Morocco.

At first, it was a Portuguese pier but then, in 1917, the port became a place for the local fishing fleet. It is constantly expanding.


port de pêche

The fishing harbor is located on the Atlantic coast at 30 ° 25 ‘N, 9 ° 38’ W and 35 km south of Cape Ghir.

Given its interland, the port of Agadir plays an important role in the development of the regional economy, and contributes to the development of the national economy.

It is mainly dedicated to fishing but it also encompasses a commercial port and the marina.

The commercial port provides economic operators all infrastructure, superstructure, equipment and logistics needed including handling, storage and warehousing.

Also, the fishing port has the infrastructure and superstructures for construction, supplies (water and fuel)…

Plan du port d'Agadir

Plan du port d’Agadir

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