Earthquake Victims Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall (© Michel Terrier)

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In Agadir, the architectural heritage is located in the city center, between Hassan the 2nd Avenue and Moulay Abdellah Avenue.

The Earthquake Victims Memorial Wall, dedicated to the victims of the 1960 earthquake is an example of this heritage. This monument, which is stretched on four to five meters (opposite the Post Office and the town hall), is a concrete wall with a beautiful Arabic calligraphy. The famous quote from King Mohammed the Fifth is inscribed on it:

“As fate has destroyed Agadir, its rebuilding depends on our faith and will”.

The King didn’t want us to forget our past, that’s why he has decided to build this wall to make us remember what happened. It also reminds us of the challenge that the reconstruction of Agadir has represented.

This monument also boasts a strong symbolic meaning: the Moroccan people’s spirit who accept fate but never give up.