Modernism is a twentieth century architectural style, born during the development of the industrial century, it marks a break with the highly charged nineteenth century style. This architectural movement is simple and uncluttered and focuses more on the form with a minimal decor. The use of materials does not aim to beautify instead the functional and ergonomic side are highlighted.

At the practical level, there are 5 points in this architecture:

  • The rooftop terrace: takes many functions and is distinguished by a sloped roof that can not be converted.
  • The removal of bearing walls by the use of structural columns frees up space and allows light to flow: this is called the free plan.
  • The long window or « headband » that was, at that time, impossible.
  • The piles, that means that the ground floor is now cleared and can be used for traffic, parking…
  • The free facade, a thin facade, where bays are placed independently.

Among the greatest modernist architects: Le Corbusier inspired the architects of the reconstruction of Agadir.