Talborjt District


The word “Talborjt” means « small tower » in berber language. It was the name of a district in Agadir before the earthquake but is was destroyed so the government has decided to build a district with the same name but not in the same place.

This neighborhood is very popular, lively and traditional. There is a souk, some grocery stores, cafés, Moroccan restaurants and a few gardens such as Olhao garden, the Memorial museum and the Earthquake Victims Memorial Wall.

Mohamed the 5th Mosque
The mosque, the largest one in Agadir,is located in the corner of February 29th street and President Kennedy Avenue. He decided to give it his father’s name Mohamed 5th, who is also the grand father of the actual King Mohamed 6th.
Like in nearly all the mosques in Morocco, the access is forbidden to non-Muslims.

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