The Synagogue


The Jewish population was very important before the 1960earthquake. This population was over 500 inhabitants. During the earthquake, hundreds of Jews died and the few survivors moved to other Moroccan cities or to Europe. In the 80’s, most of them came back to their hometown to settle with their family and begin a new life. As the city of Agadir was destroyed, the population went to Inezgane. Later, this community moved back to the center of Agadir and saw the building of the synagogue. In it, there is a prayer room and 2 rooms dedicated to religious education.
Mr. Ohayon was the supervisor of the synagogue during the years right after the earthquake and until the end of the 80’s. Then, Mr. Levy took his place and is still the president of the Hebrew community.
Finally, despite the return of a lot of Jewish people in Agadir, this community has a hundred inhabitants. Nowadays, all year long, a lot of Jewish tourists come to spend some days with their family for the religious festivals.